Sunday, September 18, 2005

Freaky Friday

Presently I'm in a bit of a haze because I'm being overwhelmed with school work. Chemistry in particular. I started to think I'm really life reflecting art. The kids movie Freaky Friday in particular.

The original Freaky Friday with Jodi Foster in particular. I am like the ditzy mom who couldn't possibly handle her kid's school schedule and I called this fiasco upon myself rather than having some quirky curse imposed on me.

Oh, I'm doing fine in the writing emphasis class as well as the Public Speaking class. Heck, I've been writing and blabbering at the mouth my entire adult life but Algebra/Trig, Ha!! What was I thinking, I'm like the Palentologist digging up fossils trying to remember my Algebra.

Biology seems fine but I have the sneaking suspicion I'm dropping the ball in some way.

And that leaves me with Chem, my nemesis. I can't remember much Chemistry and I'm literally sick thinking of actually *failing* that class. I am memorizing my Ionic bonds and their charges and I am not too proud to accept the math help from my seventeen year old son. Something called, "Factor Label Method" has helped me manage really large and really small numbers. Hey, they didn't teach us that back in the day.

I'm really afraid of failure. I've been trying (as in working 80 hour weeks) but I worked for four hours trying to figure out the excel last Saturday and the Chem. Lab instructor took one look at it and said it wasn't formatted correctly (hello! You were supposed to teach us how to create an excel graph in chem lab but you ditched out of lab an hour early and I muddled along the best I could on my own!!!. I'm beginning to think she rides a Nimbus 5000 to school, oy-vey and she gets to park it in that nifty bike lot by Peoples.

So I'm praying I don't wish to switch back but that I will somehow get into my science groove and perhaps I should start putting some ginko into my tea before bed.

Sorry the first blog is so whiney I promise the next one will be better.

Debra Baker


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